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We improve

We provide practical solutions for
recruiting, retaining, and developing
your employees in an equitable workplace.

We know how hard it is to get and keep talent. We know how hard it is to create and maintain a diverse workforce. We know it takes more than just wanting to be an exceptional workplace--it takes intention, investment, leadership, and commitment. 

We understand that workplace equity is not achieved at the individual level but systemically. We reference Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs:

  1. Start with the basic needs—creating systems within the organization that are fair and just

  2. Move to the psychological needs—aligning individual behaviors to value and welcome differences

  3. Finally, reaching self-actualization—ensuring authentic representation across the entire organization

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We’ve lived through the strategies we help you implement,

so you don’t have to do it by yourself—we're with you every step of the way.



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Organizations (employers) are the economic engine of our communities and need people to keep them running.

People want employment where they are welcomed, valued, and belong--a workplace they can be proud of.

Communities are ecosystems that take care of those who live and work within in them…

…and yet, there is a disconnect. OPC connects the needs of organizations and people by improving workplace equity in order to build a stronger, more equitable overall community.


We utilize our strategic and tactical HR expertise, for-profit and non-profit executive leadership skills, and diverse people management skills to create, introduce, and implement system- and culture-driven solutions that result in sustainable change and success.

Arlene Koth, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

President & Founder





The Language of DEI

I know inequity, discrimination, and oppression are real--I live it (as do many others I know personally and so many more I don't know personally). I know how hard it is to be poor, to be black, to be a woman...and then constantly have to "fit in" instead of being able to simply be me and "belong."  I truly understand how exhausting it is and its toll on a person physically, emotionally, and mentally.


That's why I founded OPC Consulting Services. I knew I needed to use my lifetime of personal perspectives and my 20+ years of unique multi-industry experiences as an executive and an HR professional to break down the systems and environments that perpetuate inequities in the workplace. By doing this, I know, without a doubt, we can build stronger economic results for employers and stronger, more equitable communities for the people they employ. 

This isn't the feel-good work of a "diversityandinclusion" seminar, workshop or training people are used to. I am an expert at speaking unpopular truths. I take clients on a journey that delves into the hard work of exposing and challenging deeply rooted societal disparities that inform our modern-day workplaces. I create safe spaces for discomfort--and there will be discomfort. Why? Because pushing through the discomfort into action creates real, positive, and sustainable changes.


I know you have an organization to run, so I bring a balanced, practical approach to improving equity in the workplace--I've been there, done it, and I know how to help you get it done.


I believe it's time to stop feeling good and start DOING good--I can't wait to work with you and your organization!



Assessment & Strategy


Assess current systems (policies, processes, and practices), and create a strategy for improving workplace equity

Facilitation & Speaking


Team facilitation and feedback sessions 

Keynote and panel engagements for your professional association, group, or board of directors

Coaching & Development


Customized inclusive and equitable leadership coaching

Inclusive and equitable

human resources infrastructure creation and thought partnership



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