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 We provide practical solutions for

recruiting, retaining, and training your employees 


We’ve lived through the strategies we help you implement, so you don’t have to do it by yourself—we're with you every step of the way.

We know how hard it is to get and keep talent (especially entry level/front line and front line supervisors/managers). Everybody wants the best people and the best people know that. We find ways to make the talent come to you, stay with you, and bring more “best” people to you.


We understand your challenges because we’ve been employees at organizations that

  • don’t have a dedicated HR or recruiting department

  • have an HR department, but it is under staffed and/or has a very small budget

  • are growing rapidly and trying (but not always succeeding) to keep up with the demands of the business…


We’ve seen and experienced a lot...and what we haven't, we'll figure out; we've done it before and we'll do it for you!



Organizations/businesses are the economic engine of our communities and need people to keep them running.

People want employment they can be proud of and that provides sufficiently for their needs and those for whom they are responsible.

Communities are ecosystems that take care of those who live and work within in them…

…and yet, there is a disconnectOPC connects the needs of organizations and people by changing how they work together in order to build a stronger overall community.


We utilize our strategic and tactical HR expertise, for-profit and non-profit executive leadership skills, and diverse people management skills to create, introduce, and implement low cost, high return solutions that result in sustainable growth and success.

Arlene Koth, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

President & Founder

“Humans are complex and inspiring, difficult and interesting, and when you get it right...quite wonderful.”

Arlene was born into poverty (so she knows it's real). She was among the working poor (so she knows how hard it is to work lots of hours and multiple jobs at the same time and still not have enough). That's why she founded her consulting firm, OPC Consulting Services. Arlene uses her lifetime of personal perspectives and her 20 years of unique multi-industry experiences as an executive and an HR professional to build stronger economic results for businesses and stronger communities for people. 


Communities are stronger and better when people have what they need to live and have work that makes them self-sufficient. We can change the world by changing how we work!

Arlene wants to work with you to get those results in your business and in your community.



HR Assessment & Strategy


Assess and adjust policies and procedures (specifically related to hiring and retention)


Create recruiting strategies for front line employees and front line supervisors/managers


Provide job design/redesign (including career paths) and organizational restructuring


Set up or improve your HR infrastructure

Training & Speaking


Customized training based on your organization's needs (no "out of the the box" training)--includes training reinforcement and coaching sessions 

Keynote and panel engagements for your professional association and/or departments/divisions

Team facilitation and feedback sessions (specifically employee engagement)

Coaching & Development


One-on-one HR mentoring and thought partnership and strategic HR leadership

One-on-one and/or departmental performance management coaching



OPC Consulting



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