In the corporate sector, Arlene used her HR and executive leadership experience to help a quickly growing corporation shape its business strategy and determine how to best attract, retain, and develop their diverse talent base. During her work with them, the company’s employee numbers grew exponentially, and they maintained an exceptionally high and enviable amount of diversity and demonstrably inclusive workforce, with a turnover rate far lower than the industry average. 



While working with a well-known organization in the nonprofit sector, Arlene utilized her ability to create sustainable processes to create and implement operational infrastructure including human resource functions, supplier diversity initiatives, and board/organizational governance processes.



As an active community leader, Arlene has worked with organizations to help them identify and analyze areas where they lacked diversity, inclusion, and equity. She was then invited to create systems and processes that increased their diversity, created an inclusive environment, and realigned their practices to engrain equity into their systems both at a board of directors and staff level.

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